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Economic Guidelines

Our EOP and HEOP office works with the Financial Aid office to determine your financial eligibility for the program. New York State’s economic guidelines for EOP and HEOP are as follows:

Economic Guidelines for Fall 2024 Admissions

Household Size (Including head of household)

Total Annual Income (Line 9 of the 2022 IRS 1040) in 2022 Calendar Year MUST NOT Exceed:
1 $26,973
2 $36,482
3 $45,991
4 $55,500
5 $65,009
6 $74,518
7 $84,027
Additional Household Members $9,509 per person

Several documents are needed to verify if a student meets the economic guidelines above. Please carefully review the Application and Document Checklist. Students that are in documented foster care as established by the court, or are a ward of the state or county should contact the office directly.