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Our Community

The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) emphasizes the student success and academic support of students from traditionally underrepresented and/or underserved populations. OADI programs especially support low-income students, those who are the first in their families to achieve a college degree, under-represented students of color, veteran/military students, and non-traditional students. OADI provides services to students with the focus on:

  • Affirming student academic journeys as identity-informed and recognizing the whole student. Our students represent a wide-range of identities, experiences, and academic journeys.
  • Utilizing OADI’s unique position as a centralized hub to facilitate access to the broadest range of academic and professional enrichment opportunities at Cornell.
  • Mitigating traditional financial barriers to academic and professional enrichment opportunities via direct-student funding and cost-sharing collaborations with campus partners.
  • Creating an additional place on campus for students to build communities where they can be their authentic selves.

In addition to our focus on OADI student success, OADI supports and assists in the collaborative efforts to build strong connections for our diversity student, alumni, and staff populations.