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How do I apply to EOP and HEOP at Cornell?

Four students smiling and laughing together at the EOP/HEOP 50th Anniversary Celebration in the Statler Ballroom in October 2019

What kinds of students apply? Cornell University seeks students who embrace curiosity, learn with passion and explore various ways to make an impact in local and global communities.

All EOP and HEOP students display these values and have demonstrated the drive, skills, talents and capacity to succeed; EOP and HEOP provides students opportunities they would not have had under Cornell’s traditional academic admission guidelines.

Every person who applies for EOP or HEOP is considered on the basis of several factors, and must apply to Cornell University according to the first-year student general Admissions process or transfer admissions process.

EOP and HEOP admission guidelines vary from college to college; all applications are reviewed to determine how students demonstrate their potential and ability to succeed at Cornell.