Chi Alpha Epsilon was organized in 1989 and originally founded at West Chester University. Dr. Elbert Saddler, a university psychologist and counseling coordinator for the ACT 101 Program, proposed this Greek letter honor society because he was responding to the successful students in his Academic Development Program. He believed that students who share similar experiences could serve as significant models and mentors for each other.  Therefore, he selected eligible students and alumni who would be thoughtful Founding members of XAE and together they established the original board of directors. To learn more about Chi Alpha Epsilon, please click here.

Chi Alpha Epsilon was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and the universities through non-traditional criteria and it currently serves developmental, Student Support Services, McNair Scholars, and Educational Opportunity Program students. Its purposes include promoting high academic standards, fostering increased communication among its members, and honoring academic excellence. The involvement of eligible alumni enables networking for members. In addition, programs sponsored by the society encourage other students toward academic excellence.  The honor society also has the potential to be a significant political force in the support of funding for developmental studies and educational opportunity programs nationwide.

History at Cornell
The Zeta Upsilon Chapter of Chi Alpha Epsilon was chartered at Cornell University on April 25, 2014.  The ceremony was conducted by the Most Honorable Dr. Elbert Saddler, Chi Alpha Epsilon Founder, and the Honorable Shamail Shahid. This group included 17 undergraduate students and 8 faculty and staff.  They are the honorable:

Bryan Aristega Biological Sciences 2015
Yanqiao Chen Chemistry and Chemical Biology 2015
Jenny Feng Economics 2015
Lisa Feng Chemistry and Chemical Biology 2015
Shiela Gordon Natural Resources 2014
Rishu Jain Industrial and Labor Relations 2014
Sheniqua Jeffrey Human Development 2014
Shu Lei Operations Research & Engineering 2014
Elsie Liaros Industrial and Labor Relations 2014
Sheretta Noel Industrial and Labor Relations 2014
Casey Paton Human Biology, Health & Society 2015
Anitra Persaud Biology and Society 2016
Kelvin Polanco Biology and Society 2015
Edwin Rosendo Biological Sciences 2015
Nicholas Savvides Architecture 2014
Shamail Shahid Biology and Society 2015
Masrai Williams Human Biology, Health, & Society 2015
Laura Brown Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
AT Miller Associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity
William Horning Associate Director, OADI Director, Student Opportunity Programs
Ricardo Gonzalez Programs Advisor & Coordinator, Pre Professional Programs (CSTEP)
Vanessa Lillard Assistant Director EOP/HEOP, Advisor, Zeta Upsilon Chapter, Chi Alpha Epsilon
Daniel Lupa Advisor, McNair Scholars Program
Brandon Senior Advisor, OADI EOP/HEOP
Elena Zelaya Advisor, OADI EOP/HEOP