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Graduating Senior

Samantha Huanca

Samantha is smiling at the camera and she has on a black sleeve-less shirt.

Name: Samantha Huanca

College: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science Biology and Society

Programs: EOP Scholar and Pre-Professional Programs (P3)

What is/was your favorite part of OADI?

My favorite part of OADI is the plethora of resources offered to students. From their signature programs, free printing, amazing advisors and directors, funding, newsletters, chatter announcements, and even the snacks!

What advice do you have for incoming students?

When the rigorous Cornell environment ever feels like too much or gets too difficult to navigate, take some time to schedule a meeting with one of the advisors or just spend some time in the lounge. It is a welcoming environment filled with many friendly faces and there is no doubt that you will walk out feeling empowered and motivated again. When things get challenging, you can rely on the OADI community to help. 

Do you have a favorite place to hang out in OADI?

When I am not behind the front desk, I like to spend my time studying in the lounge by the windows. It is a nice quiet place to work and even nicer on Tuesdays when there is lunch provided!

Do you have a favorite snack?

My go-to snack to grab is popcorn!