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McNair Scholar Spotlight

Sam Jurado


Sam Jurado is smiling at the camera.  He has on a button-down shirt and tie

1.) What is your favorite thing about the McNair scholars’ program?

 The McNair Scholars program offers both guidance for graduate school as well as funding to ensure that some of the most critical the roadblocks that have historically impeded underrepresented student’s academic progress are functionally dismantled.

2.) Do you have any advice for someone interested in the McNair scholars’ program?

The McNair program aims to increase the diversity of academic faculty. As such it specializes in ensuring underrepresented have a supportive pipeline for entering graduate school and committing to research. If you are sure that this is the future for you, then you will do spectacularly well in the program.

3.) What is next for you after undergrad?

After undergrad, I will pursue a PhD. and become a professor in Environmental and Atmospheric Science. I aim to offer solutions for current and future environmental crises while preparing the next generation to do the same.

4.) Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I like to grow crystals in my basement.