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McNair Scholar Spotlight

Nigel Williams


Nigel Williams is sitting at a desk with his hands folded and smiling at camera.  He has on a suit

1.) What is your favorite thing about the McNair scholars’ program?

My favorite thing about the McNair Program is the robust networking system. I have been able to meet like-minded individuals planning to pursue their PhD degree and researchers who share my interests. I specifically remember networking with amazing McNair scholars from across the country at the UMD McNair research conference during poster presentations.

2.) Do you have any advice for someone interested in the McNair scholars’ program?

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Applying to the McNair program may be daunting, but you must be prepared to enter uncomfortable situations in order to grow and succeed as an individual.

3.) What is next for you after undergrad?

After undergrad, I plan to pursue my PhD in wildlife conservation so I can be able to eventually initiate my own conservation projects internationally.

4.) Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

This summer, I went bungee jumping at the 2nd highest bungee jump spot in the world (748 feet).