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New Staff Spotlight

Kirsten Post Eynav


Kirsten Post Eynav is smiling at the camera.  She has on a cream colored shirt and a black scarf

What part about working with students do you enjoy most?

I enjoy so many things about working with students that it is impossible to identify what I enjoy most.  The closest answer to that question is your stories.  A student’s story tells me their hopes and dreams, their struggles, and their vision(s).  Each student makes their own meaning out of their experience, and I love working with them to navigate the pathways through their college experiences.

How do you think your work or personal experience will help you to Advise EOP/HEOP program students?

I’ve been collaborating in support of EOP/HEOP students since the very beginning of my career, and I listen with an open heart.

What is your favorite part about Cornell?

My favorite part of Cornell has and will always be the students!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 

I’m still in close communication with my friends from kindergarten and now get to observe my own sons sustain their friendships from daycare and Kindergarten!