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OADI Honors 2024 Award Recipient

Juliette Ramirez Corazon

Juliette Ramirez Corazon is receiving her award from Dr Dade. She is smiling at the camera

What impact has OADI had on your professional experience? 

I have been honored to work alongside many esteemed, kind and caring OADI colleagues over the years to support our students and one another. I especially have appreciated their support and a chance to think well together when bias incidents occurred on campus and/or in the larger world. There is no other community on campus that has provided this for me.

What has it meant to be recognized for an award and as a recipient? 

I deeply appreciate the OADI award. It means a lot to see my work recognized in establishing Cornell’s Latine Student Success Office, supporting the evolution of PSSP, and maintaining the collaboration between Latina/o Studies, LSSO and OADI. 

What values guide you and inspire you in your career? 

Working in the Cornell environment has often been challenging for me, especially early on in my career here. Values that have guided me through the rough spots: the power of connection to heal, energize and inspire; faith in the goodness of every human being; knowledge that if we knew better, we would do better. Every step of the way, the values of authenticity and integrity have guided my work, with the goal of honoring each student wherever they are in their path.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself? 

I was a student pilot and soloed in a Cessna 152.