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Graduating Senior

Janell Excell

Janell Excell is smiling at the camera,  She is standing by the water on a sunny day

Name: Janell Excell

School: College of Arts and Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Programs: HEOP Scholar and Pre-Professional Program (P3)

Let me know what was your favorite part of OADI?

The advisors are incredibly helpful and have supported me throughout my journey at Cornell!

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Take advantage of the resources that OADI has to offer! There are a ton of resources that students often are not aware of, so take the time to see what OADI has to offer and take advantage of it!

What is next for you after Cornell?

I plan to have a research-related job for two years before applying for graduate school to get a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. 

Tell us a Fun fact about yourself!

I am fluent in both English and American Sign Language.