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McNair Scholar Spotlight

Isabella Crame


Isabella Crame is smiling at the camera. She has on a black jacket over a white collared shirt

1.) What is your favorite thing about the McNair scholars’ program?

My favorite thing about the McNair program is the community that we've cultivated of scholars determined to succeed and who are intentional about showing up for each other. I'm grateful for the McNair advisors and grad students, as well as the opportunity to be with and around people who love what they do. 

2.) Do you have any advice for someone interested in the McNair scholars’ program?

For someone interested in the McNair program, I would suggest letting your passion come through. What is important is not what you've attained so far but what you're driven to achieve. McNair will help you with the how, but the why needs to come from you. Let your nerdiest self, come out! 

3.) What is next for you after undergrad?

Next for me is a PhD in social psychology, I plan to study minoritized identities and how they interact within a person and their community. Currently, I'm focused on the racial identities of dual-minority multiracial people. 

4.) Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

As a kid I could quote the entire movie School of Rock