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New Staff Spotlight

Brian Lu

Brian Lu is smiling at the camera. He has on a sweater and collared shirt

As a Cornell alumnus yourself how do you think your experience as a student will help you in your current role?

Definitely! Although different people have different experiences of Cornell, I think by being a recent graduate I am better able to give advice to prospective students on what they can expect here, as well as share all the wonderful things that made my Cornell experience unforgettable and unique.

What do you like most about working with students?

Being able to help them overcome obstacles that I faced in the past is incredibly rewarding. Applying to college was a very stressful time for me, as I’m sure it was for many others, so being able to support these students in achieving their dreams is one of the favorite parts of my work.

Do you have any advice for undergrads or something that helped you while making their way through Cornell?

I know it may sound a little cliché but try out some new things! There was a time where I thought having two majors or having a bunch of minors was what would make me feel accomplished or like I was making the most of my time here, but eventually I started taking random classes that interested me, even if they were totally out of my field. The same applies to clubs too; maybe being in a pre-professional club might be better for your resume, but so what? Your time at Cornell might be the only chance for you to try all these different opportunities.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I love cooking! I’m from Taiwan, so being so far from home means that I won’t be able to taste the flavors I enjoy unless I make them at home. It’s a lot of fun trying to replicate the foods that I love, almost like an experiment!