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Mariama D Bah

Affiliations and Roles

EOP/HEOP Ambassador

Undergraduate Mentors


Why are you an ambassador?
H/EOP has been a support system and community for me, I want to be a part of creating that community that allows students to feel at home while being away from home. Over the last 2 years of being a student ambassador, I have participated in planning family dinners and events, working with incoming students, and being a part of a fantastic community. That has allowed me to learn more about how H/EOP works, about advocacy, and make connections with both present and past students. I hope to continue to promote H/EOP and its mission to H/EOP students, Cornell, and the greater public.
Your Internship/work experiences
H/EOP Summer'23 Intern, Cornell Annual Fund-Alumni Caller, The Minuet Group- Communication and Research Intern
Your Co-curricular Activities (clubs, organizations, athletic involvements, etc...)
MECA, PAMSA, SOSA, Thread Magazine