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Allasandra (Ally) Valdez

Affiliations and Roles

Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Affirming Pronouns: she/her/hers

Graduate Mentor

I am a first-year PhD student in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I obtained my MS from Oklahoma State University in Natural Resource Ecology and Management and my BS from Juniata College in Plant Science. I am a plant physiological ecologist and biogeochemist, broadly interested in understanding plants’ physiological responses to water limitations, particularly in the context of our changing climate. Beyond my research endeavors, I am an advocate for science outreach by serving as the host of The Happy Botanist Podcast. I am dedicated to kindling curiosity and promoting awareness in topics pertaining to botany, ecology, sustainability, and conservation. 

Outside my academic interests, I enjoy skiing/snowboarding, hiking, pottery, crocheting, sewing, and playing the guitar very badly.