Visitors will only have access to these OADI services via reservation-only:

Computer Lab & Printing (1-hour or 3-hour sessions)

Individual Study Tables (3-hour sessions)

  • All scheduled visitors will be required to check-in at the OADI Front Desk in Suite 200.
  • No Drop-In Visitors are Allowed. Again, our objective is to maintain safety standards regarding usage of space. We want to keep our staff and you safe!

In August of 2016, The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) computer lab became one of the early users of the new University Net-Print system.

How to send a print job

  • Click, “Print” within the application
  • With your Cornell ID Card, locate the small black card reader on the printer
  • Physically tap your Cornell ID Card on the card reader
  • Your print job will be released and print shortly

Forget your Cornell ID Card?

Additional questions/issues should be presented to OADI’s receptionist or a student assistant.