Name:  David Agyeman-Budu


Field:  Materials Science and Engineering


Email:  da76@cornell.edu


Research Interest:  I work on developing x-ray optics for scanning porbe imaging technique colled confocal x-ray flourescence microscopy.  What we have been able to achieve is a high-resolution setup that can allow us to on-invasively map out the elemental and spectroscopic distribution of metals in both naturally occuring and technologically relevant samples.  Most of the work done here is at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source which produces high energy x-ray beams used to study material structure.


About Me:  Originally from Ghana, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  My interests range from cooking, traveling, working out and soccer (I watch more than I play now).  I was previously a Graduate Resident Fellow at Flora Rose House on West Campus.  I also spend time volunteering with different groups on campus and with my reserach lab as part of the science outreach efforts to middle and high school kids.  Outside my field, I do find emerging market economic policy fascinating and find myself readng up on that as well.

Name: Daniella Allevato

Field:  Plant Biology

Email:  dma227@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I am intersted in understanding how biologically active compours evolve in plants, to better understand their biosynthetic pathways and discover which environmental factors lead to higher compound yields.  These methods can be used to improve crop production in agriculture.  Specifically, I work with the plant genus Pilocarpus, which is the only source of the drug Pilocarpine that us used to treat glaucoma.

About Me:  I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, and kayaking.  When I have some free time I like to watercolor and I love singing 1950s Jazz songs.  I attended UC Berkeley for undergrad where I double majored in Conservation and Resource Studies B.S. and Landscape

Name:  Jim Baker


Fields: Physics, Education


Email:  jeb94@cornell.edu


Research Interests:  My current research at Cornell is in nucleic acid biophysics.  I use single molecule foce spectroscopy tools (optical tweezers, magnetic tweezers) to investigate physical interactions between nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and nolecular motors (mailnly RNA polymerase). Prior to becoming a postdoctoral reseracher, my PhD research focused on the development of nanophotoonic biosensors for nanofabrication facilities that are hoursed here in Duffield Hall.


About Me:  I came to Ithaca by way of Rochester, NY, where I completed my PhD in physics at the Univresity of Rochester.  My research there was very interdiscoplinary, and I spent much of my time surronded by chemists, biophysicists, and biomedical engineers.  Prior to that, I taught high scholl physics outside Boston, MA, while earning a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction at Boston College.  I completed my undergraduate studies (BA, physics) at Hamilton College, where I was also a member of the varsity swim team.  I am a fan of nearly all forms of cycling, and also enjoy hiking, camping, and skiing.

Name:  Priya S. Balasubramanian

Field:  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email:  psb79@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I research the interface of in vitro systems with various devices in order to engineer cellular systems, tissue engineer, characterize and influence the properties of these networks of cells, and ultimately come up with ethical in vitro alternatives to the use of in vivo models in medical research.  I am currenlty researching an in vitro neural system influenced by acoustic waves.  My resrearch uses imaging, computation, and devices to understand the complexity of bilogical systems and influence the development and functionality of cells and tissue in order to eventually engineer them outside the body.  In addition to this, I am also interested in conservation technology research as a tool to understand the behavior of endangered species, such as the pangolin, in order to better protect them.

About Me:  I am very interested in promoting animal rights, welfare, and species conservation, which is a major influence for my research and in my personal life.  I like art (drawing, painting, designing clothing, photography, etc.), music (especially classical), swimming, mild outdoor activities, cooking, and nature.  Prior to starting my doctoral program here at Cornell University, I completed my masters degree in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, and researched in the field of biomedical image processing.  I completed my undergraduate degree, BSE in Biomedical Engineering, at Duke University.

Name:  Ryan Bouck

Field:  Materials Science and Engineering

Email:  rmb368@cornell.edu

Research Interests: My research project focuses on combining X-ray microscopy measurements and computational methods to explore structure property relationships in polycrystalline materials.  I am particularly interested in using machine learning techniques to predict failure modes using large-scale synchrotron datasets in order to more efficiently design polycrystalline materials for mechanical and electrical applications.

About Me: In my free time, I enjoy photography, reading science fiction and attempting to write my own stories, going to art museums and unusual bakeries, baking my own French desserts, running Lattice, and running in the Arboretum and local trails. Before coming to Cornell, I completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on applications in nanotechnology at Union College.

Name:  Jon Caranto

Field: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Email: jdc30@cornell.edu

Research interests:  How microorganisms use the toxic molecule nitric oxide for energy transduction, communication, and in natural product biosynthesis.

About Me:  After realizing that I would not achieve a life-long dream of playing professional basketball, I quickly turned my sights towards a new goal--being a reserach professor.  The path I took to and through science was non-traditional, but it has been a memorable and successful journey, I will sooon be an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Central Florida.  Outside of lab, I have a wife, who is also a chemist, and a 4 month-old son.  I ocasionally still have time to play basketball, lift weights, or go for a hike in the beautiful surrounding area.  I'm a San Antonio native with a stop in Chicago where I went to undergrad at Illinois Tech.

Name:  Matt Church

Field: Theoretical Chemistry

Email:  msc336@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  In our group we use computational methods to study complex chemical systems in real time.  We are particularly intersted in developing methods that exploit the efficiency of classical mechanics but also incorporate quantum mechanical effects like zero-point energy, tunneling, interference, etc.  Such methods are needed in the study of things like renewable energy materials, and chemical reactions at metal surfaces, among others.

About Me:  I'm originally from Rhode Island and did my undergrad at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in nearby Geneva, NY.  At Hobart I joined a theoretical chemistry research group, which guided my career goals toward grad school and academica.  Outside of resreach I spend time with my dog, Milie, and I enjoy reading and hiking and wine as well.

Name: Phillip Dang

Field:  Applied Physics

Email:  pd382@cornell.edu

Research Interests: I use experimental techniques to study physics in materials that can improve the speed and energy efficiency of computers.  I grow my own materials when possible and focus on the behavior of electrons these materilas.  In particular, I am interested in semiconductores and how one can use topology and electron spin to develop new materials and structures that can be used in transistors and memory devices.

About Me: Immediately before coming to Cornell, I received my BS in Physics and Mathematics from the Univeristy of Maryland - Baltimore County (UMBC).  At UMBC, I was an active member of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program, which aimed to increase the number of minorities with graduate degrees in science, tchnology, engineering, and mathematics through advising, exposure to research, and creating a supportive environment.  Throughout my undergraduate career, I had several research experiences that ranged from chemistry to bioengineering to materials physics and ultimately led to my decision to pursue graduate school for materials physics.  While not working on academic or reserach-related affairs, I enjoy exercising, playing basketball and volleyball (at a low skill level, and playing video games.

Name:  Ben Johnson

Field: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Email:  bbj23@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I'm an organismal biologist studying the ecological physiology and evolutionary genetics of lungless salamanders.  Lungless salamanders breathe and drink entirely through their skin.  I'm intersted in how variation in salamander morphology and genome function impact physiological gas and water transport across the skin.  These questions will help us understand the evolution of physiological performance and evolutionary constraints on salamanders' ability to survive in changing environments.

About Me:  In addition to studying salamanders, I'm and animal lover off campus too.  I grew up in the San Francisco bay area spending most of my time hiking outside looking for amphibians and reptiles.  Before coming to Cornell, I graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Animal Biology.  When not thinking about biology, I love to play the guitar, especially classical, surf, cumbia and heavy metal.

Name: Eugene Law

Field: Soil and Crop Sciences

Email: epl49@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  My academic interests lie at the intersection between food systems, sustainability science, and plant ecology, which can be broadly viewed through the lens of agroecology and systems thinking.  My current research program focuses on developing and optimizing sustainable cropping systems by integrating theories of ecosystem services, ecological engineering and economics, basic agronomy, and social sustainability.  I have also done work in areas of ecosystem restoration, tchnology transfer, environmental epistemologies, and indigenous or traditional ecological knowledge and practices.  At the moment I am managing several field experiments involving perennial wheat, and perennial rye.  We are investigating ways to optimize producation of these novel crops both for yield and economic viability but also provision of ecosystem services including weed and pest management/suppression, benefits to soil health, reduced labor, and fewer chemical inputs.

About Me: Outside of my reserach and teaching responsibilities I am very active with student organizations on campus including the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, the Intergroup Dialogue Project, oSTEM, and the School of Integrative Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council.  When I find spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife, nephew, and two cats, reading science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction, hikng and kayaking, and playing tabletop and digiital role-playing games.  Before coming to Cornell I earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Environmental Resource Engineering/Environmental Biology and Environmental Science, respectively, from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY.  I have also worked as an elementary school teacher, a lifeguard, a grocery clerk, a print shop employee, a police dispatcher, and an educational outreach programs specialist at various points on my journey to where I am today.

Name:  Meaghan Mingo

Field: Sociology

Email:  mm2845@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I use qualitative and mixed method approaches to study institutions and the actors within them.  I am interested in the role of discretion in creating or reducing inqualities in shool discipline, policing, and the courts.  In particular, I explore how racial framing influences actors' interpretations of events and subsequent decision making.

About Me:  I grew up in Maine, but have gradually worked my way down the East coast, living in Boston, Philadelphia, and the DC area before returning back to the cold (and Cornell).  Before Cornell, I worked at Westat, a research firm, primarily on government and foundation evaluation studies of education and public health initiatives.  I also earned a Mater of Public Health from Drexel University, and worked for Big Brother Big Sister of America and Facing History and Ourselves in their evaluation departments.  In my free time, I love visiting my six nieces and nephews, watching soccer and basketball, neo-soul music, and watching anything Shoda Rhimes produces.

Name: Victoria Ortega

Field:  Immunology and Infectious Disease

Email:  vo56@cornell.edu

Research interests:  If you saw the movie Contagion, then you know a bit about the deadly Nipah virus and how it spreads in a quick and destructive manner.  My research looks at the glycoprotein spikes on the surface of the virus.  I want to determine how the fliexibility of those glycoproteins alters the virus' ability to enter our cells.

About Me:  Aside from research, I enjoy going out to the community and volunteering.  I also enjoy taking pictures, going to comedy shows, and watching reruns of The Office.

Name:  Amnon Ortoll-Bloch

Field:  Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Email:  ago26@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I study the mechanisms by which hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites, a promising family of materials for solar cell applications, cyrstallize from solution. To do so, I use fluid cell atomic force microscopy, which allows me to observe how cyrstals grow in real-time, and in situ X-ray diffraction, which allows me to look at phase transformations as they happen.  In general, I am interested in the atomic- and molecular-scale processes by which crystals nucleate and grow from solution.

About Me:  I enjoy spending my time hiking, reading, going to the movies, and doing science outreach.  Before moving to Ithaca, I completed a BS in Chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City.  My undergraduate thesis research focused on sythesizing polymer-bioactive glass composite scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration.

Name:  Oyebola Oyesola

Field:  Biological and Biomedical Sciences/Immunology and Infectious Disease

Email:  ooo34@cornell.edu

Research Interests: My current interest centers around how immune responses seen during chronic diseases, worm infection and allergic deseases such as asthma are regulated.  To study this and answer these questions, I use various "cool" immunological, molecular and cell biology tools.  One of the main question, I think about often is how lipids regulate the immune response seen durng the aforementioned disease.  I believe that a better understanding of the regulation of this immune response would be crucial in identifying potential therapies for treating these diseases.

About Me: I had my veterinary degree training in Nigeria, West Africa, following which I proceeded for my MSc. in Infectious Disease and Immunology in the UK and I am currenlty in my 3rd year of my doctoral program.  A privilege of studing in three different continent has greatly broaden my horizon and improved tolerance and thirst for better understanding of other cultures.  During my spare time, outside learning about new things, I love cooking, listening to music and (yeah you got mesmileyreading.

Name:  Michele F. Sandidge

Field: Masters of Business Administration

Email:  mfs35@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I am completing a two-year MBA program which provides a solid foundation in all key business functions such as marketing, finance, human resources and production.  I have also tailored my curriculum to take additional human resources-related classes, such as Globalization and HR Strategies, in the school of Industrial and Labor Relations.

About Me:  Outside of Johnson, I spend my time baking sweet treats, taking dance cardio classes, and listening to beauty and fashion related podcasts.  Prior to starting my MBA program I spent 6 years at J.Crew Group Inc., an international specialty retail company.  Most recently, I worked within the benefits division, focusing on projects related to 401(K) administration and Affordable Care Act compliance practices.  Prior to my time in NYC, I completed a BA in Economics and a concentration in Visual Studies at Cornell University - College of Arts and Sciences.

Name:  Radhika Santhanagopalan (Rad)

Field: Psychology

Email:  rs2366@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  Broadly, I am interested in how children think about and make sense of their social world.  I examine language and accent as a social group markers, as well kids' gendered ideas about leadership.  Ongoing projects also include Kids' ideas about resource entitlement and nationality.  I am particularly interested in cross-cultural work and how these facets of social cognition might play out differently in different cultural contexts.

About Me:  Much of my time outside reserach is either spent with my a capella group (Cornell Tarana), or with Asha Cornell, an org that raises money for underfunded schools in India.  Apart from that, I love to read books from different parts of the world.  Before moving to Ithaca, I completed my BS in Biopsychology and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan.

Name:  Samantha Scott

Field: Microbiology

Email:  sas646@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I work in a lab at the Vet College that studies the gut microbiome.  Specifically, I am interested in how microbially-produced metabolites impact the permeability of the epithelial barrier and immune function in the gut, as well as potentially bacteriostatic and/or bactericidal effects of these metabolites or gut pathogens such as Salmonella and enterohemorrhagic E. coli.

About Me:  When I'm not in the lab, I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, gardening, and volunteering with various education outreach programs in and aournd Cornell.  I also serve as Secretary for the Field of Microbiology Students (FoMS) organization on campus.  Immediately prior to starting my Ph.D. program, I completed a B.S. in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Scranton, a small, Jesuit, liberal arts college in northeastern Pennsylvania.  My undergraduate research focused on the distribution of the human, plant, and fungal pathogen Burkholderia gladioli on USA-grown mushrooms and onions.

Name:  Ana Smith

Field:  Computer Science, Natural Language Processing

Email:  als476@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I am intersted in developing computational methods for analyzing/promoting civil and constructive dialogue.  I use a combination of machine learning techniques and linguistic theory to figure out why people choose the words they use and the impact of those words.  My work usually involves analyzing conversations like those found in the Supreme Court oral arguments or Talk pages of Wikipedia articles.  Given these sorts of conversations, I try to find answers to questions like, "Why do people interrupt one another, and why do interruptions matter?", and also, "What does constructive criticism look like?"

About Me: Before coming to Cornell, I completed my bachelors degree in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.  During the summers, I interned at various companies, including Google.  After graduating, I spent a year doing research in South Korea on a Fulbright Fellowship.  When I'm not workingon resrach, I love drawing and reading comics.  Poorly Drawn Lines is one of my favorites, along with the Far Side.  My own comic isn't published (yet!), but I am hoping to share it with more people eventually.  If you see me in CTB or Green Dragon, feel free to stop by my table and say hi.

Name:  Urshila Sriram

Field:  Nutritional Sciences, Community Nutrition & Public Health

Email:  us54@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  My passion for public health and community-based research is driven by both my academic experience and long-term involvement in community service initiatives.  Raised in Toronto, I cmopleted my BS in Biochemistry from McGill University and an MPH in Human Nutrition from Johns Hopkins.  My past research experience includes work on socioeconomic determinants of food insecurity in Canadian cities and interventions to improve healthy food availability in low-income Baltimore neighborhoods.

About Me:  Currently, my dissertation work focuses on engaging and empowering rural citizens to create environmental changes that can promote healthy lifestyle choices.  Outside of academia, I love cooking, hiking, drawing, volunteering at community kitchens, teaching kids about food, and exploring Upstate New York with friends.  In the future, I hope to continue engaging with local residents and organziations to implement and evaluate programs that can improve health in underserved communities.

Name:  Marisa Turesky

Field: City & Regional Planning

Email:  mft52@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  Marisa Turesky is a Masters Candidate in City and Regional Planning.  She graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Anthropology and Gender studies.  She was a union organizer through the Jewish Organizing Institute and Network.  Next Marisa brought her organizing experience back home to Maine, where she worked with the Restorative Justice Institute of Maine, developing an anti-racism framework for their strategic plan and staff curriculum.  Marisa's current research looks at the role of gender in regional planning workplaces and practices.  She also focuses on the effects of land use in imporving access to resources for marginalized communities.  At any given moment, Marisa is most likely biking or eating ice cream (or both).

Name:  Tibra Wheeler

Field:  Biomedical Engineering

Email:  taw83@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  My research combines the three exciting fields of orthopedics, biomaterials, and drug delivery.  Specifically, I am interested in determining the role of certain biochemical and mechanical cues in osteoarthritis (OA) and applying this knowledge to create hydrogels and nanogels to deliver theapeutic agents to the knee joints for the treatment of OA.

About Me:  Outside of research, I love napping and binge-watching Netflix shows.  When I 'm not sleeping though, I spend my time mentoring, playing basketball, baking, and doing DIY projects.  I currently serve as President of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association which is a network that addresses the needs and concerns of graduate and professional students of African descent at Cornell.  Before coming to Cornell, I completed my BS in Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!).

Name:  Youngmin (Min) Yi

Field: Sociology, Policy Analysis & Management

Email:  yy567@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  I use quantitative methods to study the implications of policy and institutions - such as mass incarceration and the foster care system - that disrupt family systems in the United States.  I am particularly intersted in the impact of these interventions on individuals', families', and social groups' social connectedness and access to social support and the degree to which these impacts play a role in maintaining, exacerbating, or diminishing racial, ethnic, and immigrant inequality.

About Me:  Outside my research, I spend my time running, cooking, attending live concerts, volunterring to support voter engagement and education in the local community, and playing ultimate frisbee.  Before moving to Ithaca, I was a Research and Program Coordinator at the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) in Washington, DC, where my research focused on understanding and making policy recommendations to address gender and racial/ethnic inequality in labor market experiences.  Prior to my time in DC, I completed a BA in Economics and French at Wellesley College.  My passion for being part of a mentoring community stems from my love for learning about other people's lives and experiences as well as the incredibly enriching experince that I had while supervising and running the internship program at IWPR.

Name:  Evan Yu

Field:  Biomedical Engineering

Email:  emy24@cornell.edu

Research Interests:  In the last few years, deep learning has quickly become the state of the art algorithm for many tasks in image analysis.  I aim to understand , develop and apply these type algorithms to study patients with neurological disorders.

About Me:  I come to Cornell after four delightful years of undergraduate studies at Stony Brook University.  Through my research experience at the Psychiatry Department in Stony Brook Hospital and at the Radiology Department in Weill Cornell, I developed an interest in machine learning.  I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering.  Among other things, I enjoy going downhill in my snowboard and bouldering challenging routes.