Name: David Agyeman-Budu


Field: Materials Science and Engineering


Email: da76@cornell.edu


Research Interests: I work on developing x-ray optics for a scanning probe imaging technique called confocal x-ray fluorescence microscopy. What we have been able to achieve is a high-resolution setup that can allow us to non-invasively map out the elemental and spectroscopic distribution of metals in both naturally occurring and technologically relevant samples. Most of the work done here is at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source which produces high energy x-ray beams used to study material structure.

About Me: Originally from Ghana, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities. My interests range from cooking, traveling, working out and soccer (I watch more than I play now). I was previously a Graduate Resident Fellow at Flora Rose House on West Campus. I also spend time volunteering with different groups on campus and with my research lab as part of the science outreach efforts to middle and high school kids. Outside my field, I do find emerging market economic policy fascinating and find myself reading up on that as well.