Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives- Research Scholars Program (ORSP):

Dates and specific information about the following requirements will be provided during the application interview, but applicants should know these are the general program requirements (sample syllabus):


  • Successful completion of the required 2-3 credit research methodology courses (e.g., Writing 2100: Delve Deeper: Research Methods in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences).
  • Maximum 18 total credits during the semester you take the mandatory 2-3 credit research methodology course.

Attendance At All Of The Following:

  • OADI Research Scholars cohort meetings (six per academic year)
  • Individual advisory meetings with Director of OADI Research Scholars Program (twice per semester)
  • Attendance at all five Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduate Students (GSMU) dinners.
  • Completion of research presentation at OADI Diversity in Scholarship & Engagement Symposium (TBD)

Optional opportunities for additional research and leadership development:

  • Presentation at an undergraduate research symposium (TBD)
  • Presentation at one of the Spring undergraduate research symposium,
  • Presentation of your research to a local school, museum, or community center,
  • Attendance of or presentation at a regional or national conference in your academic discipline,
  • Attendance at POSSE Plus Retreat on Leadership Development (April 2019).