Dates and specific information about the following requirements will be provided during the application interview, but applicants should know these are the general program requirements:


  • Successful completion of the required 2-3 credit research methodology courses (e.g., Writing 2100: Delve Deeper: Research Methods in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences).
  • Maximum 18 total credits per semester (this includes the mandatory 2-3 credit research methodology course).

Attendance At All Of The Following:

  • OADI Research Scholars group meetings (biweekly)
  • Individual advisory meetings with OADI Research Scholars Program staff (monthly)
  • Attendance at three OADI “The Method” Student Success Series (various dates, to be provided in applicant interview)
  • Completion of research presentation at OADI Diversity in Scholarship & Engagement Spring and Fall Symposium (May 2017; December 2017)

Spring Semester Specific Requirements:

  • OADI Spring Retreat (March 4, 2017)

‚ÄčFall Semester Specific Requirements:

  • OADI Fall Retreat (October TBD 2017)

Participation in Graduate Mentoring:

  • Attend monthly Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduates (GSMU) Dinners. 
  • One shadowing experience with assigned Graduate Research Mentor (can be done as the second small group meeting, if all in the small group attends).

Optional opportunities for additional research and leadership development:

  • Presentation at an undergraduate research symposium (April 2017)
  • Presentation at one of the Spring undergraduate research symposium,
  • Presentation of your research to a local school, museum, or community center,
  • Attendance of or presentation at a regional or national conference in your academic discipline,
  • Attendance at POSSE Plus Retreat on Leadership Development (March 2017).