OADI Research Scholars Program (ORSP)

About ORSP

Conducting research during your college experience offers many benefits such as developing your critical thinking, analytical skills and knowledge, clarifying academic, career and personal interests and building community with peers and faculty. Dive into the world of research early on with the OADI Research Scholars Program (ORSP).

ORSP provides first-year students who participate in the Prefreshman Summer Program (PSP) an opportunity to learn about the research process in a supportive environment. Although opportunities are not guaranteed, through ORSP, participants will be better positioned as highly-competitive applicants for enriching summer research project with a Cornell faculty member.

How can I benefit from ORSP?

As an ORSP participant, you will have access to:

  • Guidance and Support. Meet regularly with an advisor who will help you navigate your first year at Cornell and towards your future goals.
  • Training. Attend monthly cohort meetings and learn the ins and outs of what is research and how to begin.
  • Mentorship. Participate in Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduates (GSMU) and connect to a diverse community of graduate students who are ready to support you on your journey.
  • Financial Assistance.  Receive a stipend upon successfully completing and presenting a summer research project.