The GSMU Dinners create a relaxed environment where undergraduate McNair, Pre-Professional, and OADI Research Scholars can interact with current graduate students/postdoc for mentorship, professional development and to gain knowledge to bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate study expectations. Food is also provided for each dinner event.

Community Development

To foster community within GSMU dinners, the following rules were created based on open dialogue with attendees and asking for their thoughts and ideas on what an ideal environment would encompass within these GSMU Dinners.

Established Community Rules

  • No Judgement
  • No talking over each other
  • Constructive feedback
  • All questions are welcome!
  • Occupy brave space
  • Be aware of others who may not be as vocal/ let them speak
  • Be present in your conversation
  • Keep positive mentality

Questions about GSMU Dinners? Contact oadi-mentors@cornell.edu.