Resources for Students, Faculty and Staff

Welcome! Cornell University and the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) strive to create an accessible and inclusive home for learning and success for all our students. We wholeheartedly believe that all community members have the potential to transform our world through scholarship, service, leadership and the commitment to the greater good. We affirm and celebrate our students’ talents, intellect, histories, and passion that motivate their invaluable contributions to our university, our state and our world, regardless of citizenship or residency status. Cornell University admits and enrolls students regardless of citizenship or immigration status, and uses non-governmental resources to facilitate the success of current undocumented students.

Whether you are a current or prospective undocumented/DACAmented student or a relative or advocate of an undocumented student, we want to ensure you receive up to date information.  For more details on how Cornell provides support for Undocumented/DACAmented students, please visit the Undocumented/DACA Support page through the Dean of Students office. This page will provide contact information for the Assistant Director for Undocumented/DACA Support as well as details on the DREAM team student organization, academic support, legal assistance, financial assistance, mental health support and safety measures.

Lastly, the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives remains a supportive space for undocumented/DACAmented students.  Please contact our office at oadi@cornell.edu or ssc266@cornell.edu for more information.