A specifically designed program for non-traditional students who are navigating college life.  The Trailblazers Program helps students to define their own success and pave the way for others in their families and communities to obtain higher education.  Students who are eligible to participate include:

  • military and veteran students,
  • students with families/dependents,
  • adult learners (Started college at 24 years old or more),
  • commuter students,
  • financially independent undergraduate students,
  • transfer students,
  • undocumented students,
  • part-time undergraduate students/Full-time employed undergraduate students.

The Office of Academic Diversity Initiative’s Trailblazers are warmly invited to join our rotating schedule of events for networking, advising, and student success skill development so that they feel prepared and supported—academically and personally— as they navigate campus life!

To join the Non-Traditional Student Listserv, please email nontrad-l-request@cornell.edu with “Join” in the subject line.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Non-Traditional Student Organization at Cornell University (NSOCU), please visit their Facebook page.