Each Posse has their own Faculty Mentor.
Faculty Mentors meet with the Posse as a group weekly and individually bi-weekly to support the Scholars as they matriculate through Cornell. Faculty mentors are committed to mentoring Posse Scholars through their first and second years at Cornell.  Many of the Posse Scholars and Faculty Mentors still keep in touch with each other in the subsequent years.

Posse Scholars receive advising on a frequent basis.
In order to ensure that the Scholars thrive at Cornell, Posse Scholars are required to meet with the Program Manager on a bi-weekly basis. During the bi-weekly individual meetings, the Scholars discuss their personal, academic, and other related affairs with the Program Manager. Through these meetings, plans of action are devised to assist the Scholars in order to achieve success at Cornell.

Posse Scholars support each other. 
While studying at Cornell, Posse Scholars have multiple opportunities to create a dynamic and influential social network. They offer each other academic support while establishing a compassionate community.

Personal and Academic Support.
The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) and the Learning Strategies Center offer a number of opportunities for Scholars to seek out help with their experience at Cornell.  OADI offers individual tutoring services for students seeking support outside of the learning support courses and professor office hours. Furthermore, Posse Scholars are expected to meet with the Program Manager on a bi-weekly basis and as needed, in an effort to connect students with resources. In addition, the Learning Strategies Center offers a variety of learning support services such as study and time management skills, tutoring, and study groups.

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