The EOP/HEOP Director’s Award is given in honor of former director Janet Smith-Kintner.  This award is given yearly to a senior who has demonstrated dedication to their academics, community, and the opportunity programs.  These students have demonstrated what it means to be a role model and have worked to help others achieve through leading by example and serving as a mentor to other students.  These students are also leaders and take full advantage of the opportunity given them through EOP/HEOP. 

Class of 2015 Recipients:
Kelvin Polanco – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Edwin Rosendo – College of Arts and Sciences

Previous Recipients:

Tawana Winkfield ‘00
Daniel Mendez ‘00
Natasha Little ‘01
Ramon Mercedes ‘01
Dana Alas ‘02
Juan Robles ‘02
Alejandro Garcia ‘03
Ludmilla Aristilde ‘03
Miao Xian Zhou ‘03
Amethia Holmes ‘04
Christopher Gibbs ‘04
Denise Fernandez ‘05
Beth Lasoff ‘05
Denisse Sandoval ‘05
Huili Huang ‘05
Robinson Ko ‘06
Astrid Baez ‘06
Yan Yan Sally Xie ‘07
Helen Tsang ‘08
Kenisha Atwell ‘09
Heber Sanchez ‘09
Jashona Harris ‘10
Mony Sarkar ‘10
Gong Joo Paik ‘11
Janet Nwaukoni ‘12
Lana Rose Miller ‘13
Andre Calazan Perez ‘13
Elsie Liaros ‘14