The OADI staff, EOP/HEOP staff, and College Associates are here to assist you on your journey; the path itself is yours to develop. We encourage you to take full advantage of everything Cornell has to offer. Below are some tools to help you along on your journey.

One of the most common pitfalls and stressors for college students is mismanagement of money.  There are many tools out there to help manage money in the form of computer programs, apps for your phone, or documents you can use. This form is one tool you can use to help you manage your finances and create a budget. 

Time Management
Time is another difficult thing to manage, especially as a student. Juggling all the responsibilities of class, homework, organizations, employment, social life, sleep and eating. Some people use online calendars, others use day planners, smartphones, or PDAs. Use whatever works best for you.

Tutor Request Form
Cornell offers a wide variety of academic support for its students. As EOP/HEOP students you are encouraged to access all of the services available to you. As a student, you have services available to you at the Learning Strategies Center, the Knight Writing Institute, and all of the libraries.  In addition to these services, your TAs and Professors hold office hours and may make outside appointments if office hours conflict with another engagement. You should feel free to access these services well before you feel you've fallen behind. Keep ahead of your learning; professors and TAs are happy to talk about your progress. 

When you've exhausted these resources or if they are not working for you, you may request a tutor for a class. Make an appointment with your counselor and discuss the options for finding a personal tutor. We will work with you to identify a tutor and get you the assistance for the class. 

Financial Aid Forms
If you are in need of a budget increase or a summer savings expectation adjustment, please complete the forms before your appointment and bring all of your paperwork with you when you meet with your counselor. The forms are located on the Financial Aid website.