As an EOP or HEOP student, you already know that both are New York State funding programs. As such, the state has guidelines each host institution must follow. The guidelines are explicated in the contract you sign in our office when you arrive on campus. 

Some expectations are:

  • Meet with your EOP/HEOP advisor regularly during the semester (at minimum: every other week for First Year students, monthly for Sophomores, and twice a semester for Junior and Seniors)
  • Meet with your College Associate at least twice a semester, (or more if desired or needed)
  • Attend EOP/HEOP sponsored programs, workshops, and large group meetings
  • Serve as a role model and mentor to new EOP/HEOP students.

The opportunity programs staff is committed to helping you achieve success at Cornell and beyond. We expect a similar commitment and investment from our students. When you schedule a meeting with a advisor, faculty member, or other staff member, make sure that you come to those meetings fully prepared – be early, have all of your questions written out and any paperwork ready. 

We encourage you to access and use the services that you need, whatever they may be in order to be ready. On the left are links to tools and tips to help you thrive. Don't forget to use the forms under Tools and Resources to help you plan and organize. Connect with the Cornell HEOP/EOP Network group on Facebook. Most importantly, make sure to suggest to the staff what you need if you don't find it here. We're more than happy to make changes or additions to accommodate requests.