The fall 2017 class was inducted October 22, 2017. They are the honorable:

First & Last Name:        Major:                  Expected Year of Graduation:
Peter Ajayi Biological Sciences 2019
Sean Alventosa Industrial and Labor Relations 2018
Jamila Amanfu Biology and Society 2019
Abraham Araya Biology and Society 2019
Shazell Archer Environmental/Sustainability Sciences 2019
Tyler Beale Nutritional Sciences 2019
Marielisa Cabrera Biological Sciences 2018
Courtney Carr Africana Studies 2018
Joronia Chery Biology and Society 2018
Jhanae Cole Near Eastern Studies 2020
Sofia Da Silva Anthropology 2018
Tenzin Dechen Biology & Society 2018
Tatiana Ferraro Biological Sciences 2019
Shaalini Ganesalingam International Agriculture & Rural Development 2018
Luria Greene Biological Engineering 2018
Summer Lopez Colorado Sociology 2018
Lizabeth Lucero Developmental Sociology 2020
Luz Martes Economics 2020
Bianca Negron Psychology and Spanish 2020
Lucia Rodriguez Economics 2020
Swetha Thiagarajan Chemical Engineering 2020
Grace Traore Industrial and Labor Relations 2020
Carlos Ventura Applied Economics & Management 2020
Alyssa Watson Human Development 2019
Jian Hui Wu Industrial and Labor Relations 2020
Carlos Gonzalez Executive Director for Administration  
Catherine Thompson Director, Prefreshman Summer Program