The fall 2016 class was inducted October 30, 2016. They are the honorable:

First & Last Name:        Major:                  Expected Year of Graduation:
Monisha Afrooz Neurobiology and Behavior 2019
Amber Aspinall Industrial and Labor Relations 2017
Janilya Baizack Biology, Philosophy 2017
Jenelle Bonner Human Biology, Health and Society 2017
Sagar Chapagain Biological Sciences 2017
Vanessa Chicas Human Development 2018
Won Young Choi Mechanical Engineering 2018
Eddy Cruz Hotel Administration 2017
Jason Dossantos Biological Sciences 2018
Georgie Exinord Applied Economics and Management 2018
Anthony Halmon Africana Studies 2017
Alex Hernandez Sociology 2018
Grisel Isidor Psychology 2019
Alissa Jaquin Performing Media Arts 2018
Mushaffar Khan Engineering 2019
Patryk Kubiszewski Biological Sciences 2018
Min Yu Ma Biological Sciences 2017
Ricky Narvaez Biological Sciences 2019
Rigoberto Perez Hernandez Human Biology, Health and Society 2017
Noel Reyes Biological Sciences 2018
Miranda Sasinovic History 2019
Carumey Stevens Human Development 2019
Patrick Voorhees Mechanical Engineering 2018
Zaha Waseem Biological Sciences 2018
Yan Zhang Chemical Engineering 2017