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Student Spotlight

EOP/HEOP Summer Intern - Yesenia Peregrina


Photo of Yesenia in a black suit with red shirt standing in the arches of the gothic buildings on Cornell University's west campus housing area,

Hello, I am Yesenia! I am a junior in the College of Engineering studying Information Science, Systems, and Technology. I am really interested in the intersection between education, web development and accessibility. In my free time, I like to run around Beebe Lake, do some yoga, and binge watch Friends for the 100th time.

What has EOP/HEOP meant to you?
EOP/HEOP has been my home away from home. I walk into the OADI space and feel at ease, like this is a place I truly belong. Moreover, EOP/HEOP has been an endless amount of support through the advisors and community.

How was your summer as an EOP/HEOP intern?
As an intern, I was able to interact with so many amazing people! It was great to be able to continue to explore Ithaca over the summer. Additionally, being able to translate the skills that you learn in class into real-life situations was very rewarding. To that point, I was also able to learn more about web accessibility, HTML and design.