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Student Spotlight

EOP/HEOP Summer Intern - Ken Gonzalez


Professional headshot photo of Ken Gonzalez in a black and grey suit standing in front of a black background.

Affirming Pronouns: he/him/his

Hi, I'm Ken! I am a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Sociology and Latino Studies. I love philosophical approaches to sociological concepts, as well as the theoretical. I am interested in pursuing Political Science and/or Mexican American Studies in the near future. In my free time, I love dancing, working on my fashion aesthetic, walking around campus while listening to music, going to the dairy bar, and hammocking with friends on the slope during the sunset!

What does HEOP mean to you: HEOP for me is an organization/resource/family dynamic that goes against the grain in the name of advocacy for myself and others. The students here have such incredible and powerful stories, and HEOP listens to them. HEOP also actively reaches out to students in order to make sure everyone feels listened to.

How was your summer as an intern: It was the best! I learned so much and was able to work with such a tight knit group of people. My favorite part was definitely working on the linguistic importance in alumni outreach/engagement. It was really fun to work on how HEOP used its own voice and language in talking to alumni and seeing how we can increase engagement, and make alumni feel empowered to share more of their wisdoms with us. I also learned a lot about website accessibility, disability equity, and amplifying my own voice!