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Student Spotlight

EOP/HEOP Summer Intern - Gabriela "Gaby" Carmona


Professional headshot photo of Gaby Carmona in a black suit standing in front of a black background.

Gabriela is a sophomore from the South Bronx. She is an aspiring consultant currently studying Business Strategy with a minor in Real Estate in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Gabriela enjoys being involved on campus; she serves as the Vice President of Programming for Asociación Latina, member of the Dyson Undergraduate Council. Gabriela was also a HEOP/EOP summer intern working on the Social Media and Programming team. When she isn’t studying, Gabriela enjoys thrifting, going to the gym, listening to music, and trying new foods.

EOP/HEOP is a family, community and space where you are always valued for who you are, for your beliefs and passions. It’s the people and the OADI building that make you feel empowered and confident in your abilities. Being an intern for EOP/HEOP has taught me more about our community and how loving and motivated we are as a whole. I have met the most passionate and inspiring people while on this internship and have learned so much from them. I hope to continue working with EOP/HEOP in all possible ways to continue to create connections and to continue to spread our impact across campus.