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Jackie Lopez

Affiliations and Roles

Graduate Mentor, PhD Student, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Graduate Mentor

Research Interests: I was involved in various fields of research during my undergraduate career including: molecular biology, organic chemistry,  inorganic chemistry, and computational chemistry. Despite my broad interests, I decided to focus my graduate research on addressing issues surrounding sustainability. More specifically, I joined the field of polymer chemistry. I work on synthesizing compatibilizers, or additives, that facilitate the recycling of polyethylene and polypropylene mixed plastic waste.

About Me: I am a first generation undocumented immigrant from Oaxaca, Mexico. I completed my Bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Growing up in a small coastal town in California helped me appreciate nature and the outdoors. I love running and hiking. I am not the best cook, but I enjoy trying out new foods and cuisines that are vegan-friendly. I also love coffee and getting work done at local coffee shops. I received a lot of support from undergraduate research programs at UCLA. These programs helped me find a community and gain confidence. Now, I am delighted to help foster a similarly supportive community here at Cornell with the help of the GSMU program.