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Felix Alfonso

Affiliations and Roles

Graduate Mentor, Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Graduate Mentor

Research Interests: At Stanford, my graduate work consisted of building devices to study the electrical signals exhibited by the neurons and heart cells. Exploring the phenomenon that occurs at the Nano-bio interface provided insights into how  the body interacts with electronics. At Cornell as a postdoctoral scholar, I will be working on two separate projects. The first project consists of studying how polymers form and how we could image the process for the purpose of understanding better how to modulate the polymer properties. The second project consists of studying how bacteria manage heavy metal poisoning. I am interested in understanding how they survive stress conditions as an individual but also as a community. 

About Me: I am a first generation Dominican American. I completed my Bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and my doctor of philosophy (PhD) in chemistry at Stanford University. I love to sing, dance, and play music. You can always find me playing with string instruments or dancing (polka, swing, bachata, and etc.). I have also found great love for the outdoors, so I am always looking forward to camping trips or hikes. I am very easy going (sunny side egg kind of guy). I love chatting and having meaningful conversations. Why am I a scientist? I am curiosity driven. I always want to know more about how the world works and it is my hope that my work can make a positive impact in other lives.