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Destiny Van

Affiliations and Roles

Graduate Mentor, PhD Student, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Graduate Mentor

Research Interests: I currently study the pro-metabolic, metastatic, and tumorigenic role of Sirtuin5 in breast cancer.  My overall research interests combine the areas of biochemistry and pharmacology with an intent on drug discovery for human disease.  

About Me : I was born and raised in Miami, FL and was also raised in Snellville, GA. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Spelman College, a historically black college. I have had a passion for science since my sophomore year of high school. Balancing a life outside of academics has helped my mental, physical, and emotional well being. My family, close friends, dog (Bo), and my faith as a Christian mean the most to me. In my free time, I like to binge-watch shows, play games, cook, and exercise! My favorite movie genre is horror and my favorite music genres are gospel and r&b/neo-soul. Feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to about academic life and/or personal life!