Club Brasileiro Award for Outstanding Organization

The Club Brasileiro Award for Outstanding Organization recognizes a registered undergraduate student organization that consistently makes the effort to achieve their organization's goals specifically as they relate to OADI’s values of scholarship, professional development, community engagement, and social justice education. Its executive officers model leadership, organizational ethics/responsibility, professional development and advocacy for their organization members and for their peers across campus. This winning organization shows exemplary commitment to diversity and to building the University community, and it provides underrepresented students with an additional source of support. It also serves as a strong model for any group working with and serving underrepresented students.

Nomination Criteria
Any currently registered undergraduate student organization.
Nominee must be in good standing with Cornell University’s Office for Student Leadership, Engagement & Campus Activities.

Nominations are currently CLOSED. The 2017-18 winner was Cornell Filipino Association.

Club Brasileiro (1873) was the earliest known student cultural organization. Established by Brazilian students, it was founded with over 20 members and published a monthly newsletter in their native Portuguese language.