PLEASE NOTE- The 2020 OADI Honors Awards Ceremony is canceled due to the Coronavirus. 

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Tomás Bautista Mapúa Award for Outstanding OADI Staff Partner

The Tomás Bautista Mapúa Award for Outstanding OADI Staff Partner recognizes an administrator or professional staff member. 


  • Demonstrate a commitment to the development of OADI scholar-leaders in any of our programs
  • Advocate for students across the university, particularly in regards to social justice and diversity-related issues
  • Have gone above and beyond their role to address the needs and concerns of underserved students, supporting OADI's mission and enriching the overall campus community.
  • Are full or part time administrators/professional staff members who do NOT work at OADI and have worked at the University for at least twelve months.


Tomás Bautista Mapúa (B.Arch.1911) was the first Filipino to earn a degree in Architecture in the United States and the first registered architect in the Philippines. Mr. Mapua went on to found the Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila. 

The 2018-19 winner was Jennifer Wickham.

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