PLEASE NOTE- The 2020 OADI Honors Awards Ceremony is canceled due to the Coronavirus. 

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Estevan Fuertes Award for Outstanding OADI Faculty Partner

The Extevan Fuertes Award for Outstanding OADI Faculty Partner recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated his/her commitment to the development of OADI scholar-leaders in any of our programs.


  • Serve as an advocate for students across the university, particularly in regards to social justice and diversity-related issues
  • Exhibit a dedication to student achievement
  • Inspire a thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning and development in students
  • Tangibly support OADI's mission and enrich the overall campus community

Eligibility Criteria

Any full-time, part-time, tenure-track or adjunct faculty member who has taught at Cornell University for at least two semesters is eligible


Dr.Estevan Fuertes was Cornell's first professor of color. Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Fuertes became Cornell's first dean and professor of civil engineering in 1873. He led the construction of Cornell's first observatory (located on the Arts Quad) and is the namesake of the current (and fourth) Fuertes Observatory built in 1917 on North Campus. Using astronomical observations, Fuertes monitored the accuracy of McGraw Tower's clock in its early years.

The 2018-19 winner was Steve Johnson

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