The OADI Individual Student Funding Program provides funding opportunities for active program participants of OADI programs and general participants.

Active program participants may be members of the following OADI Programs:

Applications may also be considered from general participants who are not yet officially participating in these programs but who are generally active with OADI and need assistance with activities involved in fields not covered by these programs in which they are underrepresented. General participants may attend OADI events, workshops, and other events that occur weekly.

OADI Funding Programs
OADI Individual Student Funding has diverged into two funding applications:

General Application

Deadlines Opportunities Occuring
September 12, 2016 October 1- December 15
November 1, 2016 December 16 – February 28
February 13, 2017 March 1 – May 15
March 1, 2017 May 16 – June 30
May 1, 2017 July 1 – September 30

The OADI General Funding Application provides sponsorship for local research/professional development experiences and graduate preparation opportunities within the United States. Sponsorship covers items such as:

  • Graduate school exam and application fees
  • Domestic (within the USA) conference expenses (registration, transportation, meals, accommodations, etc.)
  • Costs affiliated with local internships, externships, research experiences, and community-based and service learning opportunities within the US

To request funding for professional development/research expenses that are not international, please complete the OADI Individual Funding Application (use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete, do not use Mac Preview), and send the completed application via email as an attachment to oadi-funding@cornell.edu.

Questions, comments, or concerns may also be directed to this email address.

Off Campus Opportunity Fund Application

Deadlines Opportunities Occuring
October 5, 2016 Winter Break
January 13, 2017 Spring Break
March 1, 2017 Summer break

This fund consolidates the applications and awarding processes of 5 previously distinct grants offered through the following central units:

  • Cornell Abroad
  • Engaged Learning + Research
  • Cornell Center for Intercultural Dialogue,
  • Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI)
  • Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Provost of International Affairs (VPIA)

By the consolidated deadlines (see chart above) students are asked to submit an online application in which they identify the grant(s) they are eligible to apply for. For more information and to complete the Off-Campus Opportunity Fund application, please visit the Cornell Abroad website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
If you have further questions, please review the OADI Funding FAQs Document. If you have further questions outside this document, please direct your questions to oadi-funding@cornell.edu.