College: College of Arts and Sciences

Class of (year): 2018

Major: Government, History

Minor: Urban and Regional Studies, Inequality Studies

Activities: Pre Professional Program (P3), Telluride House (President), Telluride Association (Trustee), Cornell Early College Awareness (Co-President), Cornell Speech and Debate Society, Splash! at Cornell, Students Working Ambitiously to Graduate (SWAG), Ron Brown Captains Program, ALANA Intercultural Board, University Assembly Codes and Judicial Committee, University Assembly Community Bill of Rights Working Group

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

About Conor

My studies and activities relate broadly to my interest in service – paying back and paying forward my debts to the individuals, institutions, and communities that equipped and enabled me and others like me to succeed. The generosity of organizations such as OADI and the Telluride Association has inculcated within me a belief that service to others is a complex and rewarding process that necessitates dedication to inquiry, empathy, and industry. I strive to adhere to these principles through an academic focus on inequality and the state, engagement in the moral education of Telluride, and long caffeine-fueled nights designing educational and multicultural enrichment programs or amending university judicial policy. Moving forward, I hope to lead a life of public and private service through engagement with law, legislation, and the questions of social mobility and inequality.

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