College: Arts and Sciences

Class of (year): 2019

Major: Computer Science (intended)


Activities: SHPE, M.E.Ch.A, Posse scholar, and Gates Millennium scholar

Hometown: Cicero, IL

About Oscar

Coming from such a close knit community like J. Sterling Morton East High School, I have always wanted to give back. I had a ton of support while in high school, and I am seeing that same level of support coming from the OADI community.

After I was accepted into Cornell as both a Posse scholar and a Gates Millennium scholar, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I knew that my parents were no longer going to have worry too much about having to help pay for my tuition; however, I was not done. My ultimate goal was, and still is, to essentially give back to my parents and my community. Through the help of Posse, the Posse cohorts on campus, our Posse program manager Carlo Lindo, my Posse’s mentor Vivian Zayas, and Gates, I have been able to stay on top of everything. If I have questions about anything, I know I can ask for help and either get the help or be directed to someone who can aid me. For that, I always try my best to give back by volunteering for any Posse event that Carlo may mention to our group.

Currently, I am studying computer science in the hopes of making a difference in the technology community. 

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