College: Arts and Sciences

Class of (year): 2018

Major: Biology, concentrating in Animal Physiology

Minor: English and Spanish

Activities: P3, ECA, BSP, Immunology Lab Research

Hometown: Denver, CO

About Latoya

My goal from a young age has always been to help people, and I’ve found I’ve wanted to do that the most through medicine. I study biology because of my passion for science, English because I have a passion for writing, and Spanish because I intend to use the language to bridge the communication barrier between Latinos and health care. OADI and P3 have opened many amazing doors for me, both within and outside my field of study. I’ve been able to connect with people I normally wouldn’t have, attended health conferences, and have been provided with the resources to explore my field of study in depth. When my ambitions have seemed more than I can handle, the people of OADI, my second family, have shown me how truly capable I am of achieving my goals

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