College: Arts and Sciences

Class of (year): 2019

Major: Potentially Biological Sciences, but undecided (pre-med) right now.

Minor: N/A

Activities: POSSE, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan(MEChA), Science and Technology Education Program(STEP up)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

About Jonathan

Since I was young,  I’ve always known my educational goals. I would finish grammar school, then go onto high school, and finally college. For some reason, I knew that I would progress to the next stage, despite the obstacles that were constantly plummeting me to the ground. The reason why, was because I had a plan in mind that I accidently never gave these challenges a second thought.  Now while in college(the end of my original educational goals), I cannot help but give attention to obstacles that try to undermine my ability to be at Cornell. I guess not knowing of what’s to come next, has truly made me afraid of what will come next. Although being afraid of the “next” has made me more aware of my circumstances, OADI and POSSE have and continue to help me understand the reason why I’m at Cornell. For that reason, I am okay with not completing knowing my future educational goals, now.

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