College: School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Class of (year): 2018

Major: Industrial and Labor Relations


Activities: First-Year Initiative Program, Alpha Phi Omega, Chinese Student Association

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

About Kathy

Growing up in an economically disadvantaged household, I could never imagine myself as a student in Cornell University. Both of my parents demonstrated that their determination and hard work towards prosperity did not go to waste. Every day, I am blessed for my acceptance in the Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Cornell University because it has provided me with the resources in order to enrich and fulfill my career goals. As the only school of its kind, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations is a means to an opportunity to enable global change through economic and social labor justice. My goal is to improve issues that define and influence workers and the workplace. I plan to give back to my community by reforming labor policy and working lives for those who are disadvantaged and underprivileged. In my community, there are many Chinese immigrants seeking opportunities for success. I was reminded of the struggles in my neighborhood where it is difficult to
maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Surrounded by this environment, I wanted to become involved in creating a better standard of living in New York.

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