We acknowledge that Cornell is located on Indigenous Lands of the Cayuga Nation and recognize the Indigenous peoples who have lived and continue to live here.  In so doing, we acknowledge Cayuga Nation sovereignty and their long-standing presence on this land, which precedes the establishment of Cornell University, New York State, and the United States of America.

OADI's Mission

To ensure that the widest range of life experience, knowledge, creative expression and original thinking is shared across the breadth of Cornell's students, faculty, staff, and disciplines, particularly by those with backgrounds historically less likely to have been represented on campus.

To support the increased presence, academic success, intellectual achievement, and inclusion across all fields of study of those from these under-represented backgrounds at Cornell.

OADI's Vision
Ezra Cornell's revolutionary commitment to "any person... in any study" inspires OADI to cultivate the extraordinary presence of so many talented individuals in so many ground-breaking intellectual, artistic, and technical pursuits in order that every person in every study experiences the full diversity of dynamic and stimulating exchange with each other.