We are excited to announce that OADI is re-opening to provide access to our computer lab and individual study spaces! This will not be a full opening in terms of access to all of OADI’s onsite services; however, we understand that lab and study-space access is of value to our students.

As we’ve stated before, safety is paramount. Our campus prevalence rate is extremely low and we want to continue that trend. Consequently, our hours of operation as well as how students will access these onsite services will be modified to ensure we stay open throughout the remainder of the semester. Please review the details provided below.

This semester has been unprecedented and although this represents a new normal, we are so excited about opening our doors again!

Go Big Red!


Dates of Operation

Opening Date: Wednesday, October 21st

Last Day Opened for Fall 2020 Semester: Thursday, November 19th


Days & Hours of Operation

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays; 9:00am – 4:00pm (EST). We will be closed for lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm.


Onsite Services Provided

  1. Computer Lab & Printing (15-minute sessions)
  2. Individual Study Tables (45-minute sessions)


  • All scheduled visitors will be required to check-in at the OADI Front Desk in Suite 200.


  • No Drop-In Visitors are Allowed. Again, our objective is to maintain safety standards regarding usage of space. We want to keep our staff and you safe!


  • All other OADI programming and services, including advising, remain virtual. Contact your OADI Advisor directly or visit the OADI website: https://oadi.cornell.edu





The reason Cornell continues to experience an extremely low prevalence-rate is in no small part to our student commitment to the understanding that campus safety is a shared-commitment…WE are indeed the community!


Consequently, we ask that OADI visitors scheduled to enter our space follow a few important processes:

  • Flow through the Space: To facilitate a one-directional traffic flow, OADI visitors will enter the CCC building via the 1st-floor entrance facing Bailey Hall and proceed up the stairs to the 2nd floor OADI suite.


  • For those who have mobility-issues and/or require a wheelchair, please enter the basement level doors near the dock-ramp facing Bailey Hall. Visitors can then access the single-occupancy elevator to the 2nd floor.


  • Signage will describe flow to and through the OADI front desk, computer lab rooms, individual study spaces as well as the one-way exit down to the 1st floor where visitors will exit the CCC building into the CALS Quad.


  • Check-in at OADI front desk: Regarding contact-tracing, reserving a space is only part of the equation; we have to track who actually shows up. All visitors are required to check-in.


  • Compliance: As mentioned previously, we want to keep everyone who enters OADI safe and we want to stay open. Please comply with signage and safety prompts posted throughout the space.


Although we are confident that our visitors will respect our protocols and comply, we understand that’s not always the case; consequently, onsite OADI staff (including our student workers) reserve the right to respectfully ask all visitors to comply with safety protocols. We ask that all visitors reciprocate the level of calm and respect that will be shown to you.


Stay Informed & Stay Safe

Remember, WE are the community, and have the power to stay informed and stay safe!